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Creatine Loading

Is Creatine Loading necessary - Physical Fitness Stack Exchange
Is Creatine Loading necessary - Physical Fitness Stack Exchange...
loading creatine monohydrate. - Page 2 - Muscle and Brawn Forums
Do you Need a Creatine Loading Phase. FREE BODYBUILDING NEWSLETTER. Bodybuilding / Health / Fitness weekly e-mail tips, stay informed and stay motivated, join today. Sign up free by sending an e-mail to newsletter@trulyhuge.com.
creatine loading question - Bodybuilding Forum - Bodybuilding.net
Creatine supplementation raises blood creatinine, but it has never been shown to be toxic or harmful. When you start taking creatine do a loading phase by taking 6 servings (approx 30 grams) of creatine in divided doses throughout the day for a week, and then reduce to a maintenance phase of 1 - 2
Creatine Loading
Ok lets say i load with creatine monohydrate i do the suggested length of loading up and my muscles are saturated. Then i take 2 3 days off from taking creatine are my muscles still saturated of course not right. I was just wondering how long u can skip dosages without losing the effects of loadin

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